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Adam DeWolfe

Surf Photographer

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Adam DeWolfe

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Adam Dewolfe has been playing in the water since he can remember. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, surrounded by the coastal waters of the pacific ocean, a young Adam was routinely dragged up and down the pacific coast of North America. Taken out of school every winter for months at a time, his parents would pack up the van and drive south from Canada to go live the life on the quiet and remote coastal beaches of Mexico. This established a pattern that influenced Adam early in life, giving him a taste for traveling and exploration.

After spending years discovering the ocean world via snorkeling, body surfing, and endless swimming, it was just a matter of time before surfing entered his life and like countless others, the sport became his reason for living.

In recent years, Adam's dreams have been consumed with inspired visual ideas and how to capture them with his camera. His interest in photography has turned into an all out passion, and he is fully equipped for professional underwater photography. With a lifestyle that permits investing several months in the water every year, his camera skills developed at an astounding rate. With his lifetime of underwater experience, complemented by a keen photographic eye, Adam has compiled an impressive portfolio of professional quality photos in a remarkably short time having contributed his images to surf magazines and websites.

Adam's objective is to capture the timeless moments where the ocean and light play together, their interaction creating those magical scenes of reflected light, color and shadow.