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Alex Marks

Surf Photographer

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Alex Marks

Mona Vale, Sydney, Australia

I am a photographer and surfer from Mona Vale, on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

I have always felt drawn to the water. The ocean has a strange power over a person, so relaxing and calm one second and so violent and wild the next.

First picking up a camera at a very young age, I documented my childhood through stills, video and writing.

It was about 4 years ago that I seriously began shooting images of the surf as my primary subject matter. In my quest for waves, snow, people and perfect light I have been lucky enough to have image hunted through Hawaii, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Fiji, Indonesia, the United States and most parts of Australia.

Every photographers take on a location has its own story, making every image unique. This is what continually draws me into the world of photography.

Every time I pick up the camera I learn something new and hopefully this continues for a very long time.

I spend my time at home running www.bluesnapper.com.au documenting and showcasing the surf on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

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