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Nick LaVecchia

Surf Photographer

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Nick LaVecchia

Maine, USA

Nick LaVecchia is the embodiment of the the phrase, "No job is too big or too small." His open mind and pure enjoyment of photography allow him to work in any field on any level. From the shores of New England to the African plains, Nick is always searching for and creating images which portray honest and significant moments.

After studying graphic design and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Castleton, Nick went on to work at Jager Design in Burlington, Vermont for seven years. While working at Jager, Nick began seriously pursuing his interest in photography and soon realized his true passion. Nick began photographing everything from his chocolate lab Stoli, to weddings and surfing in Hawaii.

With an easy-going approach and an eye for the simple details that often go unseen, Nick quickly established a name for himself.

Now living on the coast of Maine, Nick is absorbing and documenting the action and lives that inhabit the New England Coast. When he isn't shooting photos he can be found in the water on his yellow single fin, or a hollow cedar board that his brother Mike at Grain Surfboards made.