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Luiz Blanco

Surf Photographer

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Luiz Blanco

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In life everyone needs to adopt a standard to be followed, something static where we can support ourselves on. Some are fast, others take years, many die without finding. I confess that I took a little… but I found, my way of life is always to be looking for a way of life. I cant be static, Im always behind of what, in a while, I will leave behind. The reason of my life is to have reasons to live. The cycle cannot be closed, and is in photography and surfing that I see the paths that will never let me find the exit from the maze that is life. So for me, life is about being lost in this maze.

Photography shows me lots of possibilities to represent the reality, and I try always to become less objective as possible, showing mainly, my point of view. Subjectivity is essential part of a good work. As each surfer/person has a unique style, I try to make unique pictures, with my style.

Surf provides me the chance to see the world. Travelling to different places allows me to renew my vision, increasing my possibilities. The beauty of nature is inexhaustible inspiration.

Above all my job is a personal achievement. Share it is a consequence of the implementation of my goals and dreams.