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John Brunnick

Surf Artist

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John Brunnick

Van Nuys, California

I was born in Southern California and have lived there all my life. I first developed an interest in art in the late 1950s when Venice Beach experienced a cultural bloom (read Beatnik era) that drew the attention of many with artistic inclinations. It was during this period that I first started painting with oils in the abstract and surrealistic styles.

Even as my focus shifted to raising a family and pursuing what became a successful career as an audio engineer, my artistic inclination was always close to the surface and found means of expression through ink drawings, wood carving, ceramics, Native American-inspired jewelry and numerous other forms along the way. For one reason or another, it wasn't until the early part of this new century that I found my way back to painting with oils. I now paint in a representational style, both in my studio and en plein air.

With my attraction to the abstract patterns and compositions served up by nature along the California coast, this area, where water and land meet, has become a rich source of subject matter for my paintings. My surfing involvement certainly adds to that attraction.

I admire the work of many contemporary plein air painters. Their ability to fill each bold brush stroke with so much importance is something I strive to master. But the more one progresses in these matters, the more the horizon recedes. I could list a dozen or more artists that I really like, but Pat Tobin had a particularly large influence on me when I first started painting outdoors.

I'm retired now and I feel very fortunate to be able to partake in two of my favorite pastimes in my favorite environment.

I am an Artist Member of the California Art Club. My works are regularly exhibited at the Topanga Canyon Gallery. www.topangacanyongallery.com