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John Coopwood

Surf Artist

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John Coopwood

Playa Negra, Costa Rica

Growing up in San Diego, California, John Coopwood started his lifestyle of surfing, music and painting at an early age. This is an artist with a feel for the tropics and the lifestyle that surrounds it. His insane depth has allowed him to challenge his innermost self to bring forth pictures of mood, imagination and bold imagery. Award winning murals, a collection of various fine art work and clients including Quiksilver, O'Neill, Corona Beer among many others form a very impressive portfolio. A Surreal vision in one painting, an empty beach with perfect waves, a commissioned house rendering in another or a moody mellow series about flow are all driven by the world of surf that John is so tuned into. Here is an artist who uses rich colors and various blends of dreams, reality, and a touch of Salsa Fresca to bring his subjects to life. CoopwoodArt is alive in texture, imagery, and technique.

Living deep in the jungles of his mind and Costa Rica, John is an artist who walks focused through a world of color, surf, and an occasional band gig to keep him on track.