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Joanne dePape

Surf Artist

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Joanne dePape

Paihia, New Zealand

An artist and surfer, Joanne dePape's primary subject interests are deeply rooted in the sport. She transcribes the grace, movement and balance of a surfer's poise as they glide across her vividly painted canvases. She obtained her BFA from the University of British Columbia while intermingling her studies between an adventurous life both in the water surfing and on the mountain snowboarding. Throughout her degree, extensive bouts of travel - in search of the perfect wave may have disrupted the academic flow, but are now paramount in defining this young artist in the surf culture she represents.

Joanne lived in Maui for several years and since riding her first wave 6 years ago has launched an art career based on the sport. She continued her education in printmaking and other arts at the Hui No'eau Visual Art Center on Maui and exhibited in a few Maui and Vancouver galleries and other public venues.

Recently relocating to New Zealand, the Nations vast amount of coastline and powerful surf will continue to inspire and motivate this promising artist.