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Watercolour paintings

Ron Croci surf art exhibit

Presenting a collection of watercolours by Californian surf artist Ron Croci entitled 'Late Spring and Summer Watercolors, 2008'.

Watercolor is a joy for me. I carry my kit frequently to the beach in order to paint pictures after surfing or diving. Also, I watercolor in my studio, either for enjoyment, or to create comps. for larger paintings. With watercolors, I never feel the pressure to perform, just relax. I have observed that watercolors are underrated. They don't have the visual, tactile quality, or the perceived value of oil paintings, however, I think that the medium requires more skill. With oil paintings, if there is a section that doesn't work, just paint over it, however with watercolors, when the splash goes down, that's all you get. The stroke has to be correct.

Exhibited here are a series of watercolor paintings that I created at the end of Spring, and during the Summer of 2008. I have categorised them by groups, depending on where I was, Hawaii, California or in my studio. I hope you enjoy this, first in a series of online exhibits presented by the artists on Club Of The Waves, and sponsored by the same website that has brought to thousands of viewers the knowledge of this wonderful artistic movement, Surf Art.

About the artist

Ron Croci is an accomplished artist with 30 years of commercial and fine art experience. He continuously searches for new and different ways of expressing his love for the ocean. As a water sports enthusiasts, surfer and diver, his paintings and prints depict joyful scenes of women in water sports, ocean landscapes and beachscapes. He currently resides in Palos Verdes, California where he dedicates his full creative time producing luscious beachscapes and figurative art, as well as designing feature films for major motion picture studios. Ron's love for the ocean, vitality and water sports is clearly seen in all his rich and beautiful designs.

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