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Kyle Lightner

Surf Photographer

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Kyle Lightner

Santa Barbara, California

Kyle Lightner is a professional photographer currently residing in beautiful Santa Barbara on the Central Coast in California. Its his motivation for purity and his desire for change that help to fuel his vision, along with his passion, creativity, and individuality.

Kyle's work never seems to fit to a mold, or fall into a stereotype- He is constantly finding ways to re-invent himself as a photographer, artist, and surfer; whether it be through his daily blog updates on his personal blog and SvrfanDestroy.com, or through a worldwide surf art collective he began back in October of 08' under the name Grass is Greener.

His approach to the over-processed digital photographic world we live in today, is absolutely refreshing. By solely shooting film, he is showcasing a heavy collection of multiple camera formats & processing types that help provide a natural beauty and pure vision filled with passion, all for our lovely world of riding waves.