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Kuni Takanami

Surf Photographer

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Kuni Takanami

Chiba, Japan and Byron Bay, Australia

Born in 1978, Kuni Takanami grew up in Tokyo, developing a passion for surfing after graduating Junior High School.

Circumstances led him on an international search for new waves, friends, landscapes and experiences. A year in Australia followed by ongoing travel resulted in Kuni picking up photography as a hobby; his skills developing as he roamed the globe, camera in hand.

Learning from mistakes made in his youth and from those new experiences and cultures he has embraced through travel, Kuni has evolved into a philosophizing and excitingly original photographer.

Now a devoted father to 1 year old son Ryder and expecting a second son in 2011, Kuni is based in Japan and Australia with his writer wife Angie and continues to travel and shoot, freelancing in surf, fashion, outdoor and lifestyle, commercial and brand/advertising photography.

Recently, Kuni and Angie created an independent online media resource, www.surferseyes.com. Kuni and Angie provide international production services, working with print and online media in English and Japanese.

Follow Kuni on Twitter (@kunihouse)