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Dave Sparkes

Surf Photographer

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Dave Sparkes

Boomerang Beach, NSW, Australia

Dave Sparkes had his first photographs published 22 years ago in the iconic Australian magazine Surfing World. Since then he has been published all over the world, in US Surfer, Surfing, Fluir, Beach Brother, Surf Session, Surfers Path, Surfer Rule etc. He was the cover photographer for the 2005 Surfer Photo Annual, and is contracted to Tracks magazine as senior photographer/writer.

His niche is the story/photo package, and he has covered subjects with words and pictures as diverse as the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, travel features on endangered orangutans, WCT surfer profiles and World Heritage listed Fraser Island. His particular photographic specialty is shooting from the water, and he has recently perfected a technique for visually bisecting the tube, as featured on the cover of Issue #18 of the renowned Water Magazine.

Dave has shot advertising work for numerous companies, and he has photographed magazine covers in the US, UK, Australia and Spain. He is one of Rip Curl's preferred photographers, having completed many assignments for them all over the world. He is one of only a handful of surf photographers ever to produce a photograph from behind a surfer in the tube.