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Michael Lorenzini

Surf Artist

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Michael Lorenzini

Oregon, USA & Miyazaki, Japan

Michael Lorenzini grew up in Oregon, learning to surf in the frigid, sharky waters of the Pacific Northwest. These repeated ice water dunkings taught him humility, and respect for the ocean's power. It also gave him an undiminished sense of awe for the unique experiences and perspectives only surfers are shown.

His fascination with the total aesthetic experience of surfing is what drives his art. The way the ocean never quite repeats itself in color, texture, and form. He hopes to convey at least some part of that experience to the viewer, whether it be a barrel, a cliff-top surf check, the paddle out, or simply buying a bar of wax.

Lorenzini is mostly self-taught, and works mostly in acrylic paint. His work has been included in the Mirror Pond Gallery's miniature show, as well as Longboard magazine's 2007 Surf Art issue.

An avid traveler, Michael has traveled and surfed around the world. He currently lives/surfs in Miyazaki, Japan.