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Josh Hoye

Surf Artist

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Josh Hoye

Neptune Beach, Florida

Growing up in a generational family of surfers, Josh Hoye had this love of the ocean transferred at birth. Growing up, it was trips to the beach, flights out Hawaii to visit family, or learning about how the ocean works. It wasn't uncommon to find the whole family out in the water, surfing. When winter came, it was time to pack your bags and head to Hawaii for awhile.

The other part of Josh's time was filled with drawing, painting, and being creative. He always had a pencil or brush in his hand, finding something to scribble on. As years passed the love of both mediums grew along with the strength of his artistic talent.

Surfing and art were not just hobbies. They were a way of life, and a way of self expression. So for Josh, naturally the two would merge. Canvases found more and more perfect waves, more lines of riders getting barreled, and more palm trees on the beach.

Also having most of his family live in Hawaii was a big motivation in his artistic expressions. Josh designed graphics for surfboard laminates, airbrushed custom images on friends boards and his own.

Many years later, Josh Hoye is now a successful designer and artist. He's worked as a Creative Director for an agency, is a published professional Illustrator and a Designer.

This fusion of art and surf for Josh, triggers an inner sense of childhood, the expression of true freedom and the love for our oceans. Josh Hoye hopes to inspire people with his craft. The subject matter of Josh Hoye's art will never change. But, He wants surfers and non surfers alike to discover something fresh and new in his work. At the same time bringing back nostalgic memories of good times, fun surf, and warm sand.

Contact Josh about prints, original pieces, or commissions, on Facebook here: http://facebook.com/JHoyedesigns

Follow Josh on Twitter (@joshhoye)