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Abstract surf art

Tony Spineto surf art exhibit

Abstracts have always been a passion of mine. However, I rarely show them to the general public. To me abstracts are a far more personal expression then my regular paintings. In abstract I find pleasure exploring shape, value, texture and color. It is with these elements I am able to express my love for the ocean and surfing. I have been painting abstracts for many years and find that it is some what liberating for me as an artist. If I feel the need to explore my other side I turn to abstraction as a form of expression. These paintings are not random rather the exploration of the elements of art. I take great joy creating and experimenting with new mediums. All the textures are created by hand on masonite, I resist the temptation to paint on recycled material like most artist do. I prefer to make the textures myself and enjoy the process and stoked derived form these works.

Artist statement

Art is the expression of a personal, sensual experience. An artist may communicate information, simple or profound, across time and space to the viewer, regardless of his background or epoch. My desire is to be simple in my work and connect with the viewer in a way that brings back memories. I place emphasis on color which provides a myriad of emotions. I desire to capture moments that we relate and want to relate to. My intention is to have the viewer connect with my art on a personal level.


As a native San Diego, Californian, Tony Spineto believes much of his stylistic uniqueness as an artist germinated during his sojourns to the beach. Although his artistic pathway includes study at the Art Institute of Southern California in Laguna Beach, he considers his independent acquisition of understanding art through his exploration of the masters as a major influence in his continual growth as an artist.

Inspired by surfing, in color, form, and content, Tony focuses on creating works of art that capture the essence of the freedom and flow of the sea, Through a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors, his honest, pure style of meandering dry brush strokes mixed with a unique perspective of natural objective form brings new meaning to his subject matter.

Not limited to traditional topics that define the essence of surfing, Tony includes works that illustrate complementary surfing scenes that illustrate calm reflections brought to life through his desire to creatively meld illusions of the open, uncomplicated views of the life of a surfer. Tony Spineto is genuinely cognizant of the fact that he creates works of art that can only minutely express man's ongoing desire to ride the waves.

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