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Steve Fitzpatrick

Surf Photographer

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Steve Fitzpatrick

Carolina, Puerto Rico

Born and raised on the coast of New Jersey, Steve started his fascination with the ocean floating in the summertime shore pound with his head in the barrel. By twelve a foraged surfboard had him in the water through high school and traveling to the Caribbean for surf by college.

A year-long walkabout through the Spanish Basque Country and the Canary Island after college polished both his language skills and watershooting, and shortly after returning to the northeast he relocated to San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1992 to pursue surf photography more seriously.

Since then his watershots, lineups, and portraits have distinguished him as a versatile shooter whose work is featured alongside the industry's top photographers in publications like SURFER, Surfing, Transworld Surf, The Surfer's Path, The Surfer's Journal, Tracks, Australian Surfing Life, Rolling Stone, and Men's Journal among others.

His corporate clients include Heineken, Proctor & Gamble, Hanes, and Colgate/Palmolive, and his stock imagery is available through A-frame and Masterfile.