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Shawn Parkin

Surf Photographer

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Shawn Parkin

Dana Point, California

By training, I'm a Graphic Designer, but have recently discovered my love for photography, and more specifically, surf photography. I first picked up a point-and-shoot camera in college while doing some traveling, taking snapshots to document the places I was visiting, eventually upgrading to an SLR. Still it didn't occur to me to shoot surf photos until a series of knee injuries saw me sitting on the sidelines watching the surf more than actually surfing myself. Then when I got my first surf photo published, something within me changed, and this photography hobby took over my life.

I've now been shooting seriously for about a year and a half and have had a few more photos published in surf magazines. Living in "the OC", my local breaks are far from secret spots, so making unique images in these highly photographed locations is my goal for now. In the long term, the goal is to make a career out of creating striking photographs, and experience life to the fullest by doing so.