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Josh Househam

Surf Photographer

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Josh Househam

North Entrance, NSW, Australia

Josh Househam is a 17 year old photographer from the Central Coast, North Entrance, Australia. Josh picked up his first camera at the age of 15 and purchased his first custom housing from Dave Kelly shortly after. He has finely tuned his water skills by shooting with some of the world renowned surfers and bodyboarders like Justin (Jughead) Allport, Andrew Mooney, Dylan Longbottom and Michael Novy.

I worked hours on end at the corner shop throwing burgers left and right so I could afford the housing.

I like playing with light and experimenting with different things like smoke and movement. I have recently started to take a liking to portraiture and recently got a job photographing weddings.

Recently finishing school I intend to travel overseas and up and down the east coast line to further my career in surf photography.

I'm not too good at writing about myself, this basically sums me up in a nutshell. Haha.