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Jair Bortoleto

Surf Photographer

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Jair Bortoleto

Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Being born in a metallurgic polar region, Jair had his first contact with the sea when he was a 5 year-old boy, crying out therefore because he did not like the feel of sand on his feet. When he was 7 he went down to the waves with a styrofoam board, of those normally bought in a supermarket. He finally got his first waves at 10 years old on a vacation to Espirito Santo state, with his family, and at 18 he went to Peru, on his first 'surf trip'.

One of his first memories was when he was just an 8 year-old boy dreamer, of his father laughing when he heard that his son wanted to go to Hawaii. He was 20 when he first set foot on the Hawaiian Islands, where he was able to take some good pictures. When he turned 21 he bought a better camera, investing his life in one of his bigger dreams: to be an artist.

At 22, during a season of work in Boston, he came in contact with some artists and listened to jazz for the first time, which soon became a passion.

With dozens of attempts around the world, searching for a chance, his passions for the sea and art have joined with unique results. Both ingenuous and completely pure at the same time.

The displayed art is the feeling that his photos produce in the people. His incessant search for the pureness in the imperfection.

At the same time that other photographers search for perfection, Jair's work goes in the opposing direction. His art shows the definitive love for the feeling of pureness, in the imperfect people. We as people are all imperfect; the best thing that can happen is, to search within the pureness of movement and expression that only the surf, and the art can bring to us.

The pureness of the look. The manifestation that we all exhale love, peace and pureness… Even through the chaos we inhabit currently.

Running away from the insistent persecution to take only perfect and focused photographs, his photos show exaggerated granulation and defects. Defects that instead of taking away from the beauty of the photo, supplies it with feeling. Defects that even though we don't want to show them, they have been exposed in our laughs and looks, in our way in speaking, and in the brightness that expands of our faces.

Mahalo, Jair.