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Greg Martin

Surf Photographer

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Greg Martin

Cornwall, UK

Greg Martin was born in Newcastle, UK, in 1976. He is relatively new to surf photography, only starting seriously in 2005.

Greg used to stuff a disposable camera down his wetsuit when he went surfing to photograph his friends. It was after he was made redundant from his job selling designer shoes, that he decided to invest in a decent camera, waterhousing and a pair of fins and lose the board.

In his first year of taking surf photos, Greg's aim was to get a photo published in a magazine… he ended up with the cover.

Greg now lives in Cornwall and works predominantly with Wavelength magazine as a freelancer. He is known for his water shots, new angles on line-ups, and gritty portraits. Although he is now starting to work with some of the UK's finest surfers, such as Spencer Hargraves and Alan Stokes, on short trips overseas, he says that he still prefers the challenge of shooting in the UK where it's rarely great, making photos of those perfect days all the more special.

Follow Greg on Twitter (@gregtheed)