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Bryce Johnson

Surf Photographer

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Bryce Johnson

San Diego, California

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Bryce Johnson is a photographer whose style is artfully simple, yet boasts bold, dynamic colors and intriguing scenes.

Johnson grew up on Kauai and spent his youth surfing and drumming in local bands. After high school, he bounced from Bible College in Australia to music school in Los Angeles, then moved back to Kauai to surf and live the dream. In 2007, he moved to San Diego "on a whim" to peruse a degree in photography. He interned at SURFER Magazine in 2010 and currently works for a commercial and editorial photographer where he's refining his studio skills.

Johnson's work has been featured in SURFER Magazine, as well as in popular surf and photography blogs like Saturdays New York City and Korduroy TV.

I'm really into negative space in my photographs and just letting the image breathe. I like capturing the moments inbetween the action. The ocean is always at the core of my photography. The constantly changing colors and conditions always inspire me.

Follow Bryce on Twitter (@brycetjohnson)