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Branden Aroyan

Surf Photographer

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Branden Aroyan

Santa Barbara, California

Branden Aroyan's photography is a rare combination of technical mastery, a thorough understanding of the ocean and an obsession with style.

Branden began developing his photographer's eye at an early age. When Branden received his first camera in 6th grade, he already knew what to do. He took his dad out to the sidewalk and composed the perfect shot. Since, with further training from Brooks Institute, Branden has dedicated himself to always being "prepared so things can flow."

His images put the viewer in the middle of the action. They allow viewers to see surfing or the ocean from a perspective normally reserved for surfers - inside the tube, on the shoulder of a wave, or standing on the beach waiting to paddle out. Branden's understanding of the ocean and surfing ability allow him to capture unusual perspectives and aspects of the surfing lifestyle.

Whether documenting expeditions with Patagonia in Chile, traveling for surf magazines in the South Pacific or shooting at home in Santa Barbara, style reigns supreme. His favorite subjects are a who's-who of Style masters including the Malloy Brothers, Gerry Lopez, Dave Rastavich and Joel Tudor.

Branden's photography is an extension of his surfing - stylish, timely and beautiful.

His images have been featured in a wide range of art galleries, publications, catalogs and ad campaigns. Publications include The Surfers Journal, Surfer, Australian Surfing Life, NALU and Longboard Magazine. Clients include Patagonia, Nissan, Billabong, Hurley and Yater Surfboards.

Presently based in Santa Barbara California, destinations have included France, Spain, Portugal, Mainland and Baja Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Western Samoa, Tahiti, the Tuamotu Islands, the Philippines and Chile.