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Steven Power

Surf Artist

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Steven Power

Oahu, Hawaii

Ultra realist painter of fantasy landscape/seascapes, Steven Power is continuing to gain reputation with art collectors worldwide. With each new piece that Steven creates the level of excitement in the galleries and throughout the art community increases. The comments from those visiting the galleries are often the same, whether from Japan, Australia, England, the U.S. or even Texas! "Steven's work captures the essence of Paradise!". "It's as though you can walk right into his vision of paradise" his paintings definitely have that effect on you.

Steven has had a long love affair with the ocean and nature in general, his many years of surfing throughout California, Mexico and Hawaii searching for the perfect uncrowned wave as well as exploring the mountains and deserts of California, Arizona and Nevada provide the inspiration for Steven's fantastic imaginary scenes. Images that some say are "believable, yet at the same time almost unbelievable"

Born in 1956 in Detroit, Michigan, but raised at the beach in Los Angeles, Steven and his brothers took to surfing at an early age. Steven has been a dedicated surfer ever since. Steven has been capturing his adventures with pencil and paint for virtually all of his life. Steven's father John Power is an excellent automotive/commercial designer and all around artist. Trained at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California.

Steven has derived much of his technique from the years he spent watching his father work on a variety of different projects, absorbing the tricks of the trade from him. Steven has been an artist for "As long as I can remember"

Steven has had a wide range of experience; he has been commissioned to do many different types of projects throughout his career, ranging from creative set painting and studio backdrop creation for rock videos and film productions, to sculpture and fine art commissions. Steven also spent many years working with architects and interior designers creating murals and fantastic faux finishes in some of the finest homes throughout California and Hawaii.

Since moving to Hawaii in 1994 Steven has had the honor of creating several of the images for the Triple Crown of Surfing events including the 1997 Triple Crown illustration, the 1998 Pipemaster's illustration, the 1999 Pipemaster's illustration, and most recently this years (2003) Vans Triple Crown of Surfing illustration. Steven considers it a great honor to have been chosen so often to be a part of surfing history.

Current theme…
At this point I am focusing primarily on Fantasy Tropical images that would evoke a sense of pristine solitude, a safe place, a peaceful "garden of Eden mood". A place that we would all like to go to relax and unwind. But at the same time I want to portray the awesome power of nature that I encounter while traveling and exploring the oceans of the world.