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Leandro Silva

Surf Artist

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Leandro Silva

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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My name is Leandro Silva'm of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I am a self taught artist, began drawing from an early age, inspired by an older friend, who did a drawing course. As I was not able to pay for a course, my friend taught me the techniques of drawing. "I took his drawings and copied to learn." Time passed and I was improving my drawings, using colored pencils, graphite, pen and chalk dry, lacking only the ink - I "came before the same barrier, the lack of money, so I started mixing the materials I had on house and happened to develop a mixed technique, always inspired by surfing."

At 17 he did an internship in a business scenario with the artist that provided the basis Clésio Régis my paintings, creating scenarios for TV Globo, opera, samba schools, concerts and events throughout Brazil.

My work has appeared on the screens in 1999 when I was studying at the School of Visual Arts at Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro (VAS), due to the need to express myself, portraying social themes, artistic nude and landscapes. At that time, was seeking to define the style, I used several languages, such as cubism, impressionism, realism.

"I have no rules, I make my paintings and sculptures to those who understand art or not. My language is simple, I try to portray more clearly the theme for all to admire, or the art of the people."

(Art for all)

I have struggled to gain traction in the market for art and special vehicles with my art, often by not being famous, many doors are closed before my work is even considered.

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