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Karim Rejeb

Surf Artist

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Karim Rejeb

France (Dutch)

Karim Rejeb was born in Holland in September 1974. He was still a kid when his parents and him emigrated to France. There he discovered the ocean and the surf that quickly became the trim line of his life. Being graduated by a state degree of sport educator, you can find him teaching surf every summer on the beach somewhere between Hossegor and Biarritz.

From the beginning he never stopped the search for the perfect wave. During the first five years of his adult life he has been exploring the Canaries Islands, earning the bread as a fisherman, and doing graphic designs for the local surf brands. His last trip took him away from home for three consecutive years, and all around the world. He like's to travel off the beaten tracks, to find himself in real situations. Through the jungle of Borneo, across the big Australian continent, from island to island in the Pacific Ocean or lost in the desert of Baja…

Painting was for him just the most natural way to express his surfer emotions. Always questioning about our place in this life and the meaning of our existences, he uses surf scenes to depict his feelings inside.

Karim Rejeb's paintings have enlarged numerous collections, in Sydney, Auckland, Los Angeles, Tahiti and more.