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Troy Carney

Surf Artist

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Troy Carney

Kauai, Hawaii

I was born on the east coast of New Zealand but have resided on the island of Kauai for 22 years now. I grew up surfing with my brother and father that shaped our own boards. My mother was a classically trained fine artist that, on occasion would paint our boards. I grew up in an ideal surfing family that roamed the wild beaches of New Zealand and Australia to the shores of Bali in 1979. This lifestyle fueled my appreciation and respect for the ocean along with earth's indigenous peoples.

While attending school in New Zealand, I received the Ranui Memorial Award for excellence in art, a prestigious Maori organization acknowledgment. This award, Polynesian customs and its themes has ignited my creativity ever since.

After many years of custom airbrushing in Australia, Maui, and Kauai, as well as working in the textile business and finish carpentry, I broke away. Leaving the industrial world for more of a wholesome life of fine art. I have now been painting in my little studio up Kahuna Valley on Kauai for many years. I have been working with oils and multi layering of 12k-22k gold leaf. My work has been confined to our little island for some time now, being fine tuned and perfected. My collections have just recently been acknowledged by fine collectors and the Honolulu Arts Academy, considering it a style unlike any other artist with hand cut layering and natural light reflections of precious metals and pigment rich oils.

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