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Lee Clark

Surf Artist

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Lee Clark

San Diego, California / Kauai, Hawaii

Above portrait: Lee Clark and his wife Janu at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Lee Clark is a renowned artist in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego, California where he grew up. He moved to Kauai, Hawaii in the mid -90s attracted by the Aloha Spirit and the beauty that surrounds the Hawaiian Islands.

He is a self taught artist and his love of surfing and painting come together as an expression of his inner self. Clark puts his sensitivity and acrylic paint on canvas to create images of waves as realistic as photographs. Surfing is a homework for Clark "I'm usually on the inside of a wave pushing through, so I can get a good look at the way the waves break. When I look at them breaking, I can see the brush strokes". Lee Clark's enthusiasm is contagious and his sharp realistic depictions of epic waves and seascapes strike a chord with more than just surfers aficionados, his work is admired by everyone who enjoys the ocean.

One of the most unique aspects of Clark's art are the hidden words he hides within his seascapes-obscure inside cumulus clouds, bubbling in the seafoam, arching at the crest of a perfect right. Look closely and you may find the world mahalo, love, smoking, or even sex.

Today, his paintings adorn offices in Hawaii and complement private collections around the world. One of his most famous pieces was commissioned a few years back by surfing icon Billy Hamilton, father of the big wave rider Laird Hamilton surfing Tahiti.