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Jeff Yeomans

Surf Artist

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Jeff Yeomans

San Diego, California

A full-time painter, Jeff Yeomans works as a contemporary painter to document the California region, it's people and it's disappearing open spaces. His work is a loosely-evolving visual journal of light, color and form - coastal studies and urban landscapes that embrace sunlight or shared experience, familiar moments that resonate with a broad audience. Often travel-inspired or autobiographical, they explore the fragile beauty of California and the connected urban landscape, that ultimately impacts it.

There is an underlying optimism that I hope comes across in my work. I consider myself very fortunate to have been raised in Southern California and to have had so many experiences growing up. That culture is what I still value and understand: surfing, art, travel, my family.

As a regional painter, I feel a responsibility to document California today, in the same way the early California painters did in their era. I enjoy painting landscapes, especially when they help increase our awareness of our roles as conservators of the land. But I also hope that a study of an older neighborhood, of people working, or of dancers celebrating a part of their culture, all bring respect to, and celebrate the diversity of our region.

Painting is a lot like surfing a wave. You commit and then adjust, and balance risk with experience, and sometimes it (the process of painting) to sit down and grab a brush, (or paddle back out) and do it again.