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Tim McKenna

Surf Photographer

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Tim Mckenna

Tahiti, French Polynesia (Australian)

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Born in Sydney, Tim spent his childhood first in Australia and then on the south west coast of France. With a French Baccalauré at diploma in his pocket, he returned to Australia where he studied literature and political science at the University of Queensland. With a Bachelor of Arts degree he decided to end his studies and focus on the Ocean and photography, his two real passions.

During his spare time he had developed his technique and had submitted his first photos. Surfing Life in Australia and Surf Session in France were the first to believe in his potential. In 1990 the European sportswear company Oxbow took him on and triggered his interest in the other extreme 'fun' sports.

Working with such champions as Andy Irons, Jean-Michel Bayle, Patrick Edlinger, Laird Hamilton, Jason Polakow or Ludovic Strohl in sports ranging from surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing, motocross to rock climbing. His travels have taken him to over 30 countries from the 5985 metres high Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador to the 20' waves of Teahupo'o in Tahiti or the -30°C of Mongolia.

His first visit to French Polynesia in 1986 was love at first sight. The luxuriant beauty of it's landscape, the richness of it's culture combine with perfect waves all year round made him decide to finally settle.

Based on Tahiti since a few years he still tours the world most of the year but has also assigned himself to dedicate part of his work to the magic of Polynesian life.

In just over 15 years he has become recognised as one of the best outdoor photographers in the world. Not only does his actions shots make the covers of the leading surf, snowboard, windsurf or motocross magazines, his landscapes and fashion shots also appear in numerous ads, posters and billboards around the globe. He has contributed to over 30 books distributed worldwide and enhanced more than 20 websites with his pictures.

Tim's work is every graphic artist's dream; a large variety of beautiful and powerful images that speak for themselves…

He is still a keen surfer and snowboarder. In quiet moments he sits down at a keyboard and improvises. But he will never stay anywhere too long. He is too dedicated to the nomadic life and capturing the perfect light with unforgettable images.

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