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Karl Mackie

Surf Photographer

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Karl Mackie

Cornwall, UK

Karl Mackie lives by the sea in Cornwall, with his girl and his kids and one crazy sheepdog, photography and surfing are his biggest passions and can be seen through his work. Utilising timeless techniques and contemporary media, Karl's signature style portrays a wonderful sense of nostalgia through the use of rich hues, grainy textures and the odd vintage camera, usually picked up at a yard sale.

His whole approach to how he shoots and the subject matter always links back to a love for surfing and surf culture, always in the purest of forms.

"Living in Cornwall strengthens your creative mind and you can really flow as an artist, living by the sea has a huge amount to do with the way I work and shoot, and for that I feel very lucky"

When he isn't shooting photos he can be found in his home shaping bay creating retro surfboards and wooden handplanes or sweeping the floor at his design studio in Newquay.

Follow Karl on Twitter (@karl_mackie)