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Art Brewer

Surf Photographer

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Art Brewer

Dana Point, California

"Electric", "Natural",  "Enigmatic", "Temperamental" – What more can be said about Arthur J. Brewer? A standing member of the original Laguna Beach Surf Club, Art cut his teeth on Oahu’s epic North Shore winter of 1969-70, when he captured the founders of modern surfing with a "surreal inclination for lighting, speed and timing". Nomadically, Art's lens leapt from the pristine sands of surfdom to chronicle the first-class travels of the infamous Bunker Spreckels. Riding the upwind of the California's plein air impressionism, Brewer's oeuvre dipped nurturing wings of consciousness into the infancy of surf photography, poignantly offering the "unwet" world shelter in the shadow of stoke—surfing's elusive soul.