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Shane Blackbourn

Surf Artist

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Shane Blackbourn

Burbank, California

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Shane Blackbourn was born in Granada Hills, California and grew up in mid-seventies Burbank. He spent most of his youth riding skateboards and eventually found his way into the art world through graffiti. Perhaps equally important was the youthful discovery of surfing.

Blackbourn received a BFA with honors from Otis College of Art and Design in 2006. He has shown in California in solo and group shows.

Artist statement

Much of my art practice involves taking images/objects that have a specific and often sub-cultural meaning or value, and arranging them in such a way that they create a dialogue between collective meaning (larger or hegemonic ideas/significations) and subjective meaning. I am not so much interested in disrupting meaning as I am in demonstrating the fluidity of meaning, signifying that there are multiple realities and contexts that exist for all objects and images. These realities are always in states of change.

I'm interested in this fluidity of meaning within the context of 'surf culture' because I am interested in the ways in which surfing is represented through art, popular media, etc. I basically make paintings about other paintings that represent surfing or surf culture.

Still, my paintings are made to be aesthetically pleasing and must function as something visually attractive in order for viewers to engage with them. I often build the composition on a grid and use classic strategies like triangles and the Golden Mean Ratio as organizational tools. I regularly use colors that clash or vibrate when placed next to each other as an organizing strategy as well.

I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I enjoy making it!