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Matt Beard

Surf Artist

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Matt Beard

Northern California

Matt Beard grew up surfing all over Southern California. Moved to Humboldt County at age of 18. Studied art at Humboldt State University. Graduated in 1998 with a major in Art and a minor in Philosophy. Good grief. Has never had a proper full time job.

His artwork constantly evolves over time. Is rich in light and color. Makes surfers happy. Explores the natural beauty of creation and our relationship with it through surfing. Evokes all sorts of good vibes. Yep.

You may have seen it in The Surfer's Journal. In Surfer Magazine. In Surfing Magazine. In Longboard Magazine. In Surf Story. On www.beardart.com. All over the place on your many trips to and through Humboldt County.

But you probably haven't seen him or his originals. Private collectors routinely purchase his new work. He just likes to lay low.

And yes, he does have a big ol' gritty beard.

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