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Jeffrey Hemming

Surf Artist

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Jeffrey Hemming

Oahu, Hawaii

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Using texture and having great attention to detail and lighting, Jeff creates tropical oceanscapes and wavescapes based on his own experience and imagination. A native of Northern California, Jeff began painting with oils at age 12 and soon developed a unique style and technique for rendering water and waves. Using many layers of paint, and what he describes as a closely-knit color scheme, Jeff builds up texture and detail then finally adds highlights.

After high school he moved to Oahu to attend college. Living in Hawaii allowed Jeff to experience firsthand the subjects he had already been painting. Being able to spend time in the water and closely study Hawaii's tropical landscape greatly advanced and broadened Jeff's style and subject matter. After graduating from college, Jeff has continued painting as a professional artist working with galleries, participating in art shows, and painting commissioned pieces. Today Jeff lives with his wife Megan, on the windward side of Oahu painting and spending plenty of time in the water.

My goal as an artist is to convey to the viewer the true beauty and elegance of the natural world basing my paintings not so much on what I see, but what I feel.

My artwork is simply about reality. I reference former thoughts of the future combined with current memories of the past in an attempt to reconcile altering ideas and feelings hopefully resolving in a single moment in time where positive conclusions can be made. My influences are a combination of travel, nature, music, surfing, and the culture clash of a shrinking world.