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Damien Clavé

Surf Artist

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Damien Clavé

Reunion Island

I come from the south of France, in Basque Country, you maybe know Biarritz. It is a beautiful country with Pyrenees Mountains where I snowboard and surf in the Atlantic Ocean. In 2003 after studying art at Toulouse University, I became an Art Professor and this obliged me to live in the north of France near Paris. I spent 5 years in the cold. There the landscape is really boring with no relief and a lot of smog. At the end I was depressed, missing the sun, but I didn't have enough ancientness points to return in my country. But I had enough to go Reunion Island 12000km away. I took my decision quickly…

I remember when I first discovered Reunion Island last September, it was a magic moment… A new life was starting for me. Now I'm living my dream, I can surf every day, here the waves are powerful. You have a lot of very good spots (Saint Leu, Saint Pierre Jety, Trois Bassins…). Before coming here my painting subjects were dark and urban, now I'm totally inspire by the Indian Ocean and the Reunion's coasts. In my painting I use naturals colours and I appreciate the light effect on the water. I try to translate the beauty of the reality without artifices. I want my picture naturals and reals. Painting is for me an endless quest, the same quest that pushes the surfer to go back every day on his board. We search the perfect wave, the orgasmic one, but when the ride is over, we finally are addicted. Painting and surfing are an endless search of that magic moment. Both are creative activities that let you free to improvise with the gift nature give to you.

I like all natural sports like snowboarding, skiing, cycling, running… I hate mechanic sports like motocross, Jet Ski or car races because they are destroying the nature. I like when people respect the nature being in harmony with it. Surf is the kind of lifestyle I want to live. Surf must steal a natural activity without falling in the fashion show.

I like to do many things. I play the guitar and I sing a little. Actually I'm preparing an exhibition of my art that take me a lot of time.

Well that's all, I can't tell you more. I win painting contests in south of France but in general I hate competition. Painting, surfing and playing music are for me a personal search.