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Surf art & plein air

Norm Daniels surf art exhibit

Presenting a collection of surf art and plein air paintings and Surfer magazine cartoon illustrations by Californian surf artist Norm Daniels.

Surf art is a funny phenomenon. When I was a kid and first saw the little iconic ink sketches of the Beat Surf Imagery of John Severson, I started to fill the corners of every homework assignment with my own interpretations of waves and boards and piers. Along comes Rick Griffin and the culture has a legit spokesman. No one has ever done this better, in my humble opinion, than Griffin. He has inspired me in my cartooning and even in my fine art. I hope to honor him with my brush strokes and images. Then I learned that Rick was inspired by Dean Cornwell (a mural artist from the 1930-1960's). It is so cool how each artist builds upon the works of the artist that inspires him or her. So, even though there are some cartoons in this collection and some plein air landscapes as well as "Surf Art"… it is all connected to the inspiration that lovers of the ocean and the culture of surfing will hopefully identify with. I hope you enjoy these works. It is a huge honor to be included in this awesome group of modern artists in "Club Of The Waves", and I would like to thank Andrew for featuring me this month.

About the artist

I was born and raised in San Diego, a long time ago. Throughout my life I have dabbled with the arts… painting mustaches on posters, scribbling Rick Griffineque sketches on the corner of my homework, even occasionally selling something to an unsuspecting public. I studied Architecture in college and spent a few years designing houses in the San Diego area. (All of which still stand!!) I love to draw, sketch, cartoon, and paint and sing around a campfire. I find much of my inspiration in San Diego and during the occasional tropical surf trip. For the past 8 years my surf themed artwork has been displayed in the trade show booth of the legendary big wave rider, Greg Noll (He offers his amazing hand made boards there for sale and admiration.) Greg is so cool, and he is the true ambassador of the sport of kings bridging generations. It is such a stoke to be included on his team. For the past two years I got to illustrate two monthly cartoons for Surfer Magazine. That was pretty sweet.

I am now showing in the finest gallery in Laguna Beach, California - McKibben Studios.

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