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January 31st, 2012

L’Horizon by Romain Laurent

We found this cool photography project with a surfer cleverly placed in the urban environment titled "L’Horizon" by French photographer Romain Laurent. We thought this was really interesting; as surfers often escape the pressures and frustrations of the urban environment to the serenity of the ocean, and this flips the whole thing on it’s head… Similarly to how artist Damian Fulton portrays the (Los Angeles) urban landscape colliding with the surfer’s world of the coast.

Nice introduction by a great little site called It’s Nice That: It’s easy to forget now, but in the 1960s surfing had a much more symbolic role than it does today, as a repudiation of the stuffy, conformist world of the post war generation – the idea of throwing off social norms and hitting the beach instead had a real countercultural caché. As such, Romain Laurent’s latest series L’Horizon could be making a real point by plonking a sunkissed surf dude in the middle of "real life" – alternatively like Roman’s previous work (such as the magnificent Tilt) it could just be a super-fun game with the viewer’s expectations.

See the full series here: www.romain-laurent.com/work/lhorizon/

See more of Romain’s work on hos website at: www.romain-laurent.com or his blog: http://romainlaurent.tumblr.com