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December 16th, 2009

2009 Pipe Masters trophy surfboard

Artist Phil Roberts was again commissioned by Billabong to create a one-of-a-kind trophy surfboard for the winner of the 2009 Pipe Masters. Roberts re-produced an iconic photo of Jeff Divine‘s on a Gun surfboard shaped by the great Gerry Lopez.

This years board is a full color recreation of a Jeff Divine photo. The under-painting is a freehand airbrush (no stencils or friskets) straight onto the foam deck blank, Gerry shaped Pipe Gun again, with the details of Gerry’s portrait finished off with brush on the sanded hot-coat deck which in the end created a real 3-D effect after the gloss coat. I sent Kelly Slater an email with a shot of the board and his reply was "It is on!!", he was gunning for the boardNote: Unfortunately Kelly slater lost in the final to Taj Burrow!

Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts working on the Billabong Pipleline Masters 2009 trophy surfboard:

The event was one by Taj Burrow. The trophy you see Taj holding below was also sculptured by Phil Roberts!

My bronze trophy is still being awarded to the winner as well, so it’s a double bonus. But the buzz has been about the board. Gerry has been stoked and suggested that he and I do more, I’m stoked with that opportunity to work with my hero.

Phil Roberts

Pipeline Masters Trophy by Phil Roberts